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Wood Toothpick Machine

Wood Toothpick Machine
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★ Description of Wood Toothpick Machine:

1,This Wood Toothpick Machine is used to produce two pointed toothpicks with an output of 800,000 in 8 hours, about 80 kg.

If you want to make flower toothpicks,It need change some of the machine.

2,This Wood Toothpick Machine need 5 to 7 workers are required to be mechanically operated, not limited to men and women.

3,The power of this Wood Toothpick Machine is 380V industrial power, and the actual electricity consumption for normal production is about 12 degrees per hour.

4,Usually, every 100 kilograms of fresh (wet) bamboo can produce 140,000 toothpicks of Φ2.0×65mm size, about 18 kilograms of dry toothpick.

5,The above No. 8 machine, our factory has applied for national patent, the patent number is: ZL200420110103.5.

6,We can provide tool box which include some of the easy broken spare parts,please check the photo as follows.

7,We can also provide plastic container,too:

Wood Toothpick Machine

★ Please reply me these three questions when you make inquiry about our Wood Toothpick Machine:

1,What is the material? Bamboo or wood?

2,What is the final product do you want to make? Toothpick or chopsticks ot sticks or other product?

3,Do you have whatsapp or other online contact details,I can send you working video of Wood Toothpick Machine if we can chat online.

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