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Toothpick Manufacturing Equipment

Toothpick Manufacturing Equipment
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Product Details

Feedback from our customer in African about toothpick manufacturing equipment:

Appplication ofToothpick manufacturing equipment:

Family using toothpicks,sticks,barbecue sticks,different kinds of chopsticks.

Toothpick Manufacturing Equipment

Description of Toothpick manufacturing equipment:

Toothpick manufacturing machine developed since the year of 1999,after 20 years of development and updating,we designed the most popular and wonderful machines like bamboo toothpicks machine,wood toothpicks machine,bamboo barbecue sticks machine,wood barbecue sticks machine,wood chopsticks making machine,bamboo chopsticks making machine and so on.

toothpick machine line

Questions before sending inquiry about our toothpick manufacturing equipment:

1,What is the material?

Bamboo or wood?

2,What product do you want to make?

Toothpicks or chopsticks or other product?

3,Do you have any online contact detail?

It is better if we can chat online about our toothpick manufacturing equipment.

Detail of the machine line:

1. High yield, no need for polishing, precise equipment design, alloy cutters, greatly improving the utilization rate of raw materials, good product finish, no need for tedious polishing.

2, equipment replacement tools can complete the production of different specifications of products, disposable single round chopsticks, bamboo sticks, incense sticks can fully achieve equipment sharing, reducing equipment investment costs.

3, the equipment with the same function can be divided into different grades, customers can flexibly choose according to their own needs and actual conditions.

4. Safe and convenient operation: box structure, automatic power-off protection system, push-button switch, simple operation of workers, no personal or equipment damage caused by mistakes or improper operation.

5. Less noise and less flying dust: Compared with traditional equipment, both noise and flying dust have great changes, and have little impact on the surrounding environment, which is more beneficial to the health of operators.

Model NameQuantity
1WS-791Sawing machine (Bamboo)1
2WS-04Bamboo dissection machine1
3WS-036Flakers 1
4WS-211Bamboo filament shaping machine1
Bamboo filament set-size machine1
Toothpick set-size machine 1
Polishing machine1
Toothpick sorting machine1
Toothpick sharpening machine1
Multi-sharpen machine 1

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