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Vegetable Slicer
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vegetable slicer

Description of vegetable slicer:

1.Multi-function vegetable slicer can cut large-sized root vegetables, such as lotus root, potato, radish, sweet potato, bitter gourd, etc. The thickness of the vegetable slicer can be2-6 mm adjustable, cut width 2-6 mm can be customized, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

2.The potato radish cutting machine adopts thick stainless steel non-magnetic plate, the national standard copper core motor, two meters external power cord, the machine is ready to use, the cutting fries machine is cut by the cutter disc, and the blade adopts the rigid blade that has seen the fire, and is durable. No rust, all the accessories of our company's machine, the machine only charges the cost of the accessories outside the warranty period, free technical support for life. The multi-function pusher type cutting machine uses a rotating cutter to cut various vegetables into flakes or filaments, and has good cut surface quality: the product is thin and uniform in size, the cut surface is fresh, and the fibrous structure is not damaged. At the same time, the machine has high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency, and is an ideal equipment for the vegetable processing industry.

vegetable slicer

Technical information:








220V/380V(can make after order)

220V/380V(can make after order)





Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel








Processing Machine

Processing Machine

vegetable slicer


Installation and commissioning of multi-function pusher type cutting machine:

1.Place the machine on a dry and ventilated level ground before use to ensure the machine works smoothly and reliably.

2. Check all parts before use, whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and whether there is foreign matter in the hopper or the box.

3. Check if the power supply voltage matches the voltage used by the unit. Extend the power cord, ground the yellow-green core with the grounding symbol, and connect the remaining three cores (two for the single-phase motor) to the open load switch (the knife switch). On the lead terminal.

4. Open the front door before work, and turn the turntable to see if there is any phenomenon of bumping the tool. If there is, loosen the tightening bolt on the turntable, move the turntable slightly outward, and then tighten the tightening bolt. The structure of Figure 1 should be connected to the water pipe for use during work. The size of the flushing water is adjusted according to the actual situation.

5. Close the open load switch and start the open button. Depending on whether the cutter is running in the correct direction, the counterclockwise rotation is correct from the inlet. Otherwise, the power cord is adjusted. After the cutter is running in the correct direction, the test is carried out without any load. No abnormality can be tested.

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