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Vegetable Processing Machines

Vegetable Processing Machines
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vegetable processing machine including washing,grading,cooling,packing and other processing machine line,it is customized machines,we can draw the plan to meet different customer's requirement.

1.Vegetable washing peeling-lifting-cutting-bubble washing machine line as follows:



2.Fruit washing,vegetable grading machine line as follows:



3.Potato chips production line:

This machine line include potato washing machine,potato cutting machine,blanching machine,frying machine,cooling machine,packing machine or quick frozen machine.

Firstly, introduction of the machine line:

 1. Process of frying potato chips and French fries production line: increase feeding→cleaning and peeling→picking→lifting feeding→slicing (strip)→rinsing→bleaching color protection→dehydration→frying→deoiling→flavoring→conveying →Packaging.

The equipment adjustment process can produce fried and frozen French fries.

2, the equipment is made of stainless steel, high output, labor saving, equipment installation and commissioning.

Secondly, the performance of the machine:

 1. Cleaning and peeling machine: The cleaning and peeling machine or the brush-type cleaning and peeling machine lined with gold steel sand can complete the cleaning and peeling work at the same time. High efficiency and low loss.

 2, slice cutting machine: can be sliced and can be cut. The thickness of the slice and the size of the cut strip can be adjusted at will.

3, blanching machine: the cut potato chips (strips) for rinsing, color protection.

4, Dehydrator: Dehydration by centrifugal force. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

5,Oil-water mixing fryer: This equipment is an advanced frying equipment. Because the specific gravity of water and oil is different, the water is below, the oil is fried in the upper layer, and the residue is directly deposited in the water. The oil does not emit black smoke, which greatly prolongs the life cycle of the oil and greatly reduces the cost. The oil temperature control ensures the quality and taste of the potato chips. After the work is finished, the water is released and the residue will flow out along with the water.

6,Deoiler: Centrifugal deoiler, deoiling freshly fried potato chips (strips), overcoming the defects of high oil content and greasy mouth of potato chips. Improve the taste of potato chips (bars).

7, automatic seasoning machine: drum type seasoning machine is made of stainless steel. The potato chips (strips) are evenly turned during the rotation of the drum, and the seasonings are added by sprinkling or spraying. Seasoning is not easy to break.

8. Nitrogen-packing machine: When packing, the bag is filled with nitrogen gas, which can effectively prevent the potato chips (strips) from being broken and prolong the shelf life. Inflation, packaging, and coding are completed at one time.

Thirdly, product commitment: 

three packs a year + lifetime maintenance + tailor-made + long-term tracking service is the service tenet of Yukai Machinery, and is equipped with a number of technical and comprehensive engineering and technical personnel on-site service to solve technical problems for customers. The company provides a full range of installation and commissioning, maintenance, training, technical consulting and other pre-sales and after-sales service. With advanced technology, reliable quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, Yukai Machinery welcomes you.

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