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Vegetable Machine

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This production line suitable for washing all kinds cherry,cranberry,blueberry,raspberry,apricot,blackberry, plum,strawberry and similar size fruits or vegetables.

vegetable machine

vegetable machine

General Flow Chart:

Washing--cutting--blanching--normal temperature cooling-- dewatering-- drying.

vegetable machine

vegetable machine

vegetable machine

Introduction of vegetable Machine line:

1.The machine is provided with a separating board to effectively separate the washing material from the washed sediment, thereby reducing the turbidity of the water, greatly improving the recycling rate of the washing water, saving 80% of the washing water and saving manpower.

2.This is the small and medium scale fruit & vegetable chips production line, the production process is simple, easy to operate. The production strictly in accordance with international standards of manufacturing process, end products meet the requirements of food GMP health conditions. The final processing technology and end products packaging form can be configured according to customer requirements.

3.This  food dryer machine is equipped with low noise axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system.The circle system is fully sealed .It makes the hot efficiency increased from 3-7% of traditional oven to nearly 35-40%. food dryer machine is with automatic control, only need to open the switch before drying, during drying process, the temperature and humidity are all automatic controlled. At the end of the drying, device will be automatically powered off. All the drying process without personnel guard. The whole drying time is only half the time in electricity, It makes country save plenty of energy source and increase profit of enterprises.

Working Principle:

1. When the fruits entry into the water tank, they will be fully scattered, rolling,

cleaning and transferring in under of high pressure water and strong flow.
2.The cleaned vegetable and fruit will be sent out by net belt and spray cleaning.

Packaging and shipping:
Every machine is packed with great care and tough material. It is packed with cling films first and then film bags. At last, it is packed with wooden case which is reinforced with the iron bar on the top and bottom.With this kind machine, all our laser machine can protect well during long trip by sea or by train.We can transport machine by boat or by training, according to your requirement.

Competitive Advantages:
1. Guaranty: One Year.
2. One set of consumable accessories will be provided with the machine.
3. Any question, you can mail/call us at any time. And our most experienced engineers are assigned to give consulting service, and always available for dispatching abroad.
4. All spare parts are always available for delivery.
5. Manual is in English.
6. Minimum order: 1 set
7. Prompt Delivery: 15-20 working days after receiving deposit
8. Installation: sending one technician to the customer's factory for installation and training.
9. Packaging: firstly packing with plastic inner side, then strengthening with wooden case outside.

Product Name
Frozen Vegetable/ Fruits Processing Line
stainless steel 304
finished product
Frozen vegetables or fruits such as frozen carrots, potato, frozen onion, green peas, frozen green beans, frozen fruits and so on 
Automatic line 
Washing peeling, cutting, blanching, IQF and packaging 
Freezer+ Bitzer compressor 
Food processing machinery 

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