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Description of vegetable cutter:

1. This vegetable cutter  is used for slicing of different kinds of vegetables and fruits (like radish, potatoes,onion, fruits like apple pear,leave vegetable like celery and so on)and the thickness is freely adjusted within 1-10 mm.

2. There have Reciprocating vertical knives to cut the knives into pieces or soft vegetables (chives and celery) into straight or segmented, curved silk, square diced (or knives) conveyor belts for free movement with a distance of 1-20 mm. The adjusted amount is the width of the wire segment.

3, Please pay attention to the diameter of the cut vegetables (larger than 30 mm), the effect of the film is good, easy to diced, the film or diced in diameter will be messy. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is smooth and regular, the structure is intact, and the effect of manual cutting is maintained.

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1.This product is a multi-function cutting machine. It has four straight knives with straight knives, curves, squares and diamonds. There are two straight knives without a dicing head.

2. This machine is suitable for the processing of hard and soft roots, stems, leafy vegetables and kelp. It can be cut into pieces, blocks, silk, diced, diamond-shaped and curved.

Centrifugal section thickness 2-10 mm adjustable

Conveyor belt slice thickness 1-25 mm adjustable

Diamond blade cut thickness: 16 mm

Dicer blade dicing width: 19 mm

Structural features and working principle of large-scale commercial multi-function cutting machine:

1. Main structure: This machine mainly has the structure of frame, pressing part, vegetable part, chopping part and transmission part.

2. Main components: The main parts of the machine and vegetables are made of stainless steel. The conveyor belt and the pressing belt are made of rubber and plastic to ensure long-term work is not rust, corrosion and harmless.

3. Working principle: When the machine is working, the vegetables to be cut are placed on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is advanced at a constant speed, the vegetables are transported to the feeding port, and the cutter running at high speed cuts the pieces into segments or sheets.

4. Transmission principle: The transmission system of this machine mainly adopts belt transmission, turbine transmission, gear transmission, sprocket transmission and other forms.

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