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Vegetable And Fruit Peeler

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Application of Stainless steel butternut squash peeling machine / melon peeler machine / watermelon skin remover machine:

Fruit skin removing machine/melon peeling machine/grapefruit peeling machine not only can peel papaw, but also can peel the skin of papaya,wax gourd,pomelo, and dasheen and so on. Frame and the shell with high quality stainless steel.   It is the ideal equipment for vegetable processing factory, canteen, and restaurant. fruit peeler machine.

vegetable and fruit peeler

vegetable and fruit peeler


1. This machine is suitable for peeling papaya, pumpkin, wax gourd, water melon, hami melon, grapefruit and other melons with middle and large size.

2. The peeling thickness is adjustable, and the peeling ratio can reach to above 95%.

3. The peeling blade is specially designed, with very high working speed.

4. This machine is easy to operate and convenient to clean, made of stainless steel, with very high quality, is widely used in different kinds of food procesing industries!

Description of the wax guard peeling machine:

1. This peeling machine is suitable for peeling papaya, cantaloupe, wax gourd, pumpkin, taro, watermelon and other fruits.

2. High efficiency of automatic cycle cutting. Special design of paring tool holder, which can discharge the melon peel directionally and facilitate collection and cleaning.

3. The machine is convenient to take apart and wash, easy to operate, safe and hygienic, suitable for catering industry, canteen, food processing plant.

4. The peeling machine need to equip with the air compressor.

5. The peeling thickness is adjustable and the peeling rate more than 95%.


1.Simple operation and easy clean. 

2.Cutter head closely attached to the fruit and then peel it along shape of fruit. 

3.Good peeling effect, uniform thickness can be adjusted. 4.Peeling speed and height can be adjustable. 

5.The machine is made of 304 stainless steel which meets food grade.

vegetable and fruit peeler

vegetable and fruit peeler


Handling ability

Peeling thickness

Motor power

Diameter of fruit

Overall dimension






Less than 25cm





1-3mm (adjustable)

0.75*2 kw

Less than 25cm


250 kg

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