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Potato Slicer Machine

Potato Slicer Machine
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Product Details

Product Features:

Potato peeling, slicing, and shredded machine are easy to operate, high in yield, well formed, made of stainless steel, can be cleaned and peeled separately, or can be sliced, shredded and cut into strips. Thickness and thickness can be adjusted freely. Cut pieces and silk The strip surface is smooth, and it is the most advanced potato peeling and cutting and cutting equipment in China.

Working principle:

When the potatoes are placed in the barrel, the rotating tray constantly flips the potatoes and rubs them with the potatoes. Due to the constant collision of the potatoes on the wall of the barrel, the potatoes are peeled more efficiently, and the flushing pipe is used. Rinse the ground skin and the dirt will flow out with the water through the drain.

Use operation:

1. Check the hard seat before starting the machine to see if it is loose. Check if the power cord is damaged, and if there is any foreign matter in the cylinder to prevent the turntable from being caught, check whether the voltage is up to the requirement, and check whether the blade cutter, the wire cutter combination and the movable plate are tight.

2. Put the machine into a stable state and start it. After the machine runs safely for one minute, put in the vegetables that need to be peeled off. At the same time, open the faucet to wash out the waste skin. Once it is blocked, clean it up and use it.

3. After a period of time, after the potatoes are removed from the skin, the gates are opened and the potatoes will automatically fall from the material into the barrel of the wire cutter. The cut silk will fall out of the material.

4. After the work is finished, clean the machine, wipe the tool and apply oil to prevent rust.


1. Confirm whether there is foreign matter in the inlet, and connect the power and ground according to the instructions on the label.

2. After the machine is used, be sure to cut off the power and then remove the machine.

3. the machine should be placed in a stable place, with casters to lock the casters.

4. The circuit part cannot be removed and washed. When removing and washing, pay attention to sharp parts such as tools.

5. When the machine is in operation, do not put your hand into the machine.

Product advantages

1. The potato peeling and cutting machine absorbs the characteristics of the root potato processing machinery at home and abroad. The price is low. The potato grinding and cutting machine and the potato peeling and cutting machine have the appearance and easy operation. The potato peeling slicer is cleaned. Large peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, low cleaning peeling, slicing, shredding, can be completed in one time.

 2. the concept is novel, compact, beautiful appearance, safe and hygienic, good performance, in line with national health standards, carrot cutting machine is radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other melons and vegetables, sliced and shredded and ideal kitchen equipment.

3. potato peeling slicer can be customized according to customer requirements, easy to operate, high yield, good molding, can be cleaned separately, can also be sliced separately, shredded, potato cleaning peeling machine thickness can be freely adjusted

4. The barrel of the machine is made of stainless steel to ensure long-term work is non-rust, non-corrosive, non-toxic and harmless.


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The machine adopts the V-belt transmission to reduce the speed and is equipped with a bevel gear to transmit power. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, convenient operation, cleanliness and the like. It can directly slice and shred the potatoes after cleaning the skin. It is an ideal food machine. It is suitable for use by factories and mines, institutions, schools, military units, restaurants and food processing units.

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potato slicer machine


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