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Potato Chips Machine
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Working process:

The whole process of the equipment has peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, deoiling, seasoning and packaging. The main work of each as follows:




  1. Potato Peeling machine: Here, the equipment uses a peeling machine with corundum as the inner lining. This kind of peeling machine is very practical, the item is cleaned and peeled, it can be done in one time, and the work efficiency is very high.

    2. Potato Slice machine: The slicer used here is not only sliced, but also can be cut, so the device is called the potato chip potato production line. Here we can adjust the thinness of the slice and the thickness of the cut strip, which is very convenient. .

    3. Potato Blasting machine: The function of this process is to bake the cut fries or potato chips.

    4. Potato Dehydration machine: Why should it be dehydrated before frying? Because the less moisture of the potato chips when frying, not only the time of frying will become shorter, but the taste after frying will be better.

    5. Potato Deep-fried machine: The frying tool of the equipment is a water-oil mixing fryer. This fryer adopts the oil-water mixing technology of the *, which not only improves the quality of the frying oil, but also after the frying. The food is safer, healthier and more delicious.

    6. Potato Deoiling machine: The process of designing deoiling is mainly because the past fried foods are too greasy because of the excessive oil content, which makes people feel very disgusted. The deoiled potato chips perfectly overcome this problem. Not only can it improve the taste of potato chips, but also make potato chips more nutritious.

    7. Potato Seasoning machine: The seasoning procedure of the device is very simple and convenient. The fried potato chips enter the drum seasoning machine, and as the roller rolls, the purpose of flipping the potato chips is achieved, so that the potato chips are more evenly seasoned.

    8. Potato chips Packing: The nitrogen packing method is used here. The use of nitrogen can well avoid the breakage of the potato chips and extend the shelf life.

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