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Fruit Grading Machine

Fruit Grading Machine
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We have many years history in making fruit/vegetable processing machine, including:

Washing machine

Waxing machine

Drying machine

Grading machine

Picking machine

Conveyor machine


Now we mainly introduce you our grading machine. It's widely used for grading apples, oranges, citrus,pears, persimmons, onions, lemons, mangos, pomelo, jujube, bell pepper, mango, tomato, potato and other round fruits .We make both weight grading machine and diameter grading machine. According to equip with PLC systom or not, there are electronic model and machanical model. According to output, there are 10000pcs/h, 20000pcs/h, 40000pcs/h and more.


Scope of application: 

It is suitable for the sorting processing of round (elliptical) fruits and vegetables such as various saints, kumquats, sand oranges, oranges, navel oranges, grapefruits, lemons, kumquats, tomatoes, potatoes and apples.

fruit grading machine

Applicable objects: 

fruit farmers, self-employed households, growers, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, fruit and vegetable processing plants.


1, special PVC material hoist: special pvc material to protect the fruit from damage;

2, buffer conveyor belt: the connection plate and the discharge port have a gap between the place is covered with a buffer conveyor belt to protect the fruit from damage;

3, picking fruit table: 3 meters long, picking fruit table, easy for fruit farmers to pick the next fruit, rotten fruit;

4, reasonable design, compact and sturdy structure, beautiful shape, light and durable;

5, a multi-purpose machine, a wide range of applications, high sorting efficiency, simple operation;

6, low power consumption, low noise, no fruit damage, flexible movement, easy maintenance.

Working principle:

1.The fruit and vegetable classifier is composed of a hoist, a hazel platform and a classifier. The hoist is automatically lifted, and the roller is automatically rotated to achieve uniform feeding. The entering fruit picking table picks up the fruit of the defective product. 

2.The classifier is a roller bar. The classifier and the roller type classifier are rotated by the bearing to drive the roller on the grading bed, move forward in parallel, and gradually increase the gap between the rollers to reach the corresponding size of the fruit, so that the fruits and vegetables are rolled. 

3.The gap between the bars falls on the fruit conveyor belt, and the purpose of grading the size of the fruits and vegetables is completed. The sorting specifications of the fruit and vegetable classifier can be adjusted at will.

Technical infromation:

Specification model: GGFJ-800

Level: Level 5

Processing specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Working efficiency: 1-3T/h

Motor power: 5.5kw

Dimensions: 8000 × 1150 × 1100mm

fruit grading machine

If you want working video of our machine,contact us without any hesitation.

We also make machines as customer's request, like:

1. Washing tank add heating system.

2. Washing machine

3. Washing drying machine

4. Washing grading machine

5. Washing drying grading machine

6. Washing waxing machine

7. Washing waxing grading machine.

8. Grading machine

9. Picking and grading machine.

10. Washing picking drying grading machine


As long as we know your detail requests.

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