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Fruit Dehydrator Drying Machine

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fruit dehydrator drying machine

fruit dehydrator drying machine

fruit dehydrator drying machine

fruit dehydrator drying machine

fruit dehydrator drying machine

Why choose the fruit drying machine?

fruit dehydrator drying machine

2.1.Easy to use just plug and play. there is no necessary to burn coal and wood, one man can operated many machines;

2.2.The drying process is carried out in a closed chamber, which will not pollute the material and have no pollutant discharge;

2. 3.Compared with the traditional electric heating, burn coal and oil or other equipment, it has obvious energy saving effect and reduces the operation cost;

2. 4.After drying, the original shape, color, and taste of the material can be retained completely;

2.5.It is widely used in drying all kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat products and industrial products.

 A heat pump dryer features including the follows:

1, Easy installation, convenient installation, demolition, covers an area of less, can be installed in the indoor and outdoor; 

2, High efficiency and energy saving: consumes only a small amount of electricity, can absorb a lot of heat in the air, power consumption is only 1/3 of the heater - a quarter;Compared with coal, oil, gas drying

equipment, 75% or so of the operation cost can be saved.1 KWH equals 4 KWH. 

3, Environmental protection, no pollution, no combustion and emissions, is a kind of sustainable development and environmentally friendly products. 

4, Safe and reliable operation, the operation of the whole system without the traditional dryer (fuel, gas, or electric heating) of the flammable, explosive, toxic, short circuit, such as risk, is a kind of closed drying system is absolutely safe and reliable.  

5, Long service life and low maintenance cost: is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, mature technology, stable performance, reliable, long service life.Safe and reliable operation, automatic from manual operation, and intelligent control.  

6, Comfortable, convenient and high degree of automation, intelligent: the automatic constant temperature device, 24-hour continuous dry homework. 

7, Applicability is wide and is not affected by the climate: can be widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing industries such as heating drying operation.

Product Capacity
Drying Chamber size
300 dryer
500-800kg / batch
600 dryer
1000kg/ batch
1000 dryer
2000-3000kg/ batch

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