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Fruit And Vegetable Washer Machine

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Processing step:

Evelator conveyor-washing-sorting-drop water-blacnhing-cooling-vibrate feeder-quick freezing -packing,This line use in making frozen french fries line and vegetable, fruit freezing or drying line for pre-processing.

a.The tank is made of the stainless steel of high quality with the thickness of 1.5mm

b.Conveyor belt is composed of stainless chain and stainless web, the mid-width is 700mm

c.Protect sheet is made of the stainless sheet and punching sheet with the thickness of 1.5mm

d.Steadier is made of 50×50×1.5 and 40×40×1.5 stainless square pipe

e.Guide course is made of hem stainless sheet.

fruit and vegetable washer machine

fruit and vegetable washer machine

fruit and vegetable washer machine

Designed based on customers' requirement:

Bubble washing machine using a variety of types to clean fruits and vegetables several times, not only to completely wash vegetables and fruits of the soil surface, but also to wash vegetables and fruits surface pesticide medicine,Bubble washing machine: Suitable for fruit and vegetable cleaning materials, mainly for vegetables, fruit cleaning, such as cabbage, spinach, celery, dates, strawberries, apples, peaches, etc. Features: The machine uses with arc angle with the cone bottom design, easy to clean, with a high-pressure spray, better cleaning effect, wider range.


The machine adopt air bubble washing.Applies to vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and other granular, leafy, root cleaning products, immersion.We can customized machine according your requirement.This washing machine is washing by water and bubble. It is made of SUS304. Good Quality and easy to operate. 

The clean running speed stepless adjustable, users can be set according to different cleaning content.

fruit and vegetable washer machine

Detailed instruction:

1.Made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel,Accord with national food safety standards.
2.Use of a bubble rolling, brushing, spraying technology to maximize cleaning of objects.
3.the pipeline can be tailored according to each single user their different processing characteristics to best meet the process requirements.
5.Compact, high degree of automation, suitable for all kinds of processing scale enterprises.

6.Bubble Washing Machine For Various Fruits And Vegetables is designed for the raw material for different shapes. High airflow mixed water washes the raw material to avoid colliding with each other. The materials are washed by the high pressure water, intensity, high effectively, and continuous operations. It is an indispensable washing device for the fruit and vegetable or seafood processing before quick freezing. Complete stainless steel SUS 304, Portion water recycling and stepless speed regulation.

Frozen Capacity1000-5000kg per hour
Processing TimeAccoding to Capacity
In feed Term.Normal
Out put Term.According to Finish Food Requirements 
Installing PowerMade by Customized
Machine SizeMade by customized
Cooling ConsumptionMade  Customized
ApplicationsFor fruit and vegetables such as sweet corn processing, peas processing, green beans processing ,strawberry processing, etc
Note in AdvanceMachine can be design accoding to clinets capacity and factory layout requirements

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