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Cherry Pitter Machine

Cherry Pitter Machine
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Using range of cherry pitter machine:

This cherry pitter machine can core cherry nucleus from cherry meat,this machine is very useful for fruit  processing factory.

Function :

The working principle of the machine removes the cores of cherries, plums, peaches and apricots by rotating roll and the rubber roller to obtain a blocky pulp. Because the peach and apricot kernels are hard, in the peach and plum jujube automatic core-cutting machine, the raw materials are pressed into the two rolls by certain equipment. The proper distance between the two rolls is based on the different fruits.

cherry pitter machine


The enucleated tissue in the cherries denuclear processing section has a processing container, a punch and a driving punch under the cherry mouth with a cherry meat outlet and a clearing mouth and a cherry core outlet, and the upper and lower sides of the cherry processing container are operated up and down. The connecting rod and the disc are composed; the slide rail is installed obliquely, and the upper end is connected with the feeding tray and the lower end is connected with the cherry inlet on the cherry processing container; the orientation of the clearing component in the processing part corresponds to the clearing port; The components in the equipment are driven by the power organization; the fruits processed in use are placed on the sorting plate in an orderly manner through the feeding part, and then enter the processing part, and the cherry meat that has been removed from the core is advanced after feeding the tissue and removing the nuclear tissue. Cherry meat storage box. This equipment is highly automated and produces high efficiency.

Firstly, the features cherry nuclear machine:

This equipment is primarily used for the nuclear meat separation of stone fruits.

Secondly, the components and operating principles:

The machine consists of transmission reducer, bearing seat, frame, feed hopper, drive roller, separate plate, discharge hopper, and nuclear hopper. Operation principle: The material enters the denuclearization working room from the feeding hopper, because the separation plate of the different points of view is placed on the roller in the nuclear chamber, so that the pulp of the fruit is separated from the core. The separated flesh falls into the hopper from the mesh hole, and the core is composed of a plurality of spirals that are separated from the plate, and is moved to the nucleus to be discharged from the nucleus. The gap between the screen and the other plate can be tried. The size of the material core depends on the size of the material.

The cherry denuclear machine is simple and unique in design, stable in function and sensitive in operation, and the cherry does not need to be treated, and the disposable flesh and fruit core are separated. The shape of the denuclear pulp is standardized, the flesh damage is small, the fine fruit can be processed, the degree of mechanization is high, and 60 pieces per minute can be processed, and the safety is good. Each movement is aligned with the hole of the turntable, the noise is low, the function is stable, the fault is completely completed, the nuclear removal effect is good, the cherry is not damaged, the nuclear removal rate is 100%, and the two calibers are as large. Save more flesh and remove the nucleus.















small size(13-16)

middle size(16-20)

big size(20-25)

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