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Apricot Corer

Apricot Corer
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Description of Apricot corer:

Apricot corer also called apricot coring machine,apricot corer machine.It is used to core or pit apricot.

Except this machine,we also have machine to process other fruit.

Apricot corer

Working principle :

The machine removes the cores of cherries, plums, peaches and apricots by rotating the sprocket roll and the rubber roller to obtain a lumpy pulp. Because the peach and apricot kernels are hard, the peaches and plums are cut into the nucleus machine, and the raw materials are pressed into the two rolls by certain equipment. The proper distance between the two rolls is based on the different fruits.

Apricot corer

(1) Positioning system:

The Advantages of Apricot corer:reduce the center deviation, automatically pressurize the apricots, and reduce the center deviation by 20%.

(2) Directional system: The horizontally arranged apricots are vertically erected by a 90° rotating mechanism after reducing the center deviation.

(3) Grab system: The automatic control system instructs the robot to grasp the apricot so that the core center is in a vertical line.

(4) Positioning system: The automatic control system instructs the manipulator to place the apricot caught on the punching position.

(5) Crushing nuclear system: Our Apricot corer is used to rectify the apricot with a special pre-flushing centralizer, and then high-speed nucleation.







86100 pieces\h



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