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Apple Corer
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Woring principle of Apple corer:

Our apple corer will work like this:When the fruit is fed into the feed hopper by the front equipment, and the fruit stick is driven by the crank linkage mechanism to press the fruit between the two rolls. The two rollers rotate against each other, and the fruit portion is pressed into the gap of the tooth roller. The core is squeezed into the elastic rubber roller. As the two rollers continue to rotate, the comb plate dips the pulp from the gap of the tooth plate. Out. The pulp and the pulp core enter the two different collection hoppers through the feeder, one bucket is connected to the crusher, the pulp is further broken into the crusher, the other bucket is connected to the washing machine, and the pulp core is fed into the apple corer to make the core Completely separated from the flesh.

Application of apple corer:

By changing some parts of Apple corer,this machine can also pit peach,pear,grapefruit,plums,apricot,cherry,date,prune,olive,longan,lychee,crabapple,rosle,mango and so on.

apple peeler corer

Photo of apple corer:

apple pitter machine

Product manual:

   The apple core-cutting machine is characterized in that when the knives of the nucleus machine are rotated and cut into the fruit, the lower knife is pushed into the fruit while being pushed by the cam. When the two cutting edges are close to the core by 15 mm, the lower knives follow the curved surface of the cam. The rotation drops rapidly, so that the upper knife can smoothly pull out the core, and at the same time, the two knives are prevented from being damaged by the hard core. When the enucleation step is completed, the movable pin is lowered by the cam, and the mold can be automatically fed and withdrawn under the traction of the weight and the wire. The utility model can be used for the nuclear denucleation operation in the production of canned fruits and dried fruits such as hawthorn and jellyfish, which not only improves labor productivity but also reduces labor intensity, and can change the backward condition of manual enucleation.

2.2kw86100 pieces\h2000*1080*1230mm420kg

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