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Snack Food Machine

Snack Food Machine
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Introduction of snack food machine:

The emergence of puffing technology can be said to open up a new way for the application of cereals, starches, etc., which we call coarse grains, in the food industry. The shape of the product can be easily changed by simply changing the mold.

snack food machine

Compared with the traditional production process, the extrusion technology greatly improves the processing technology of the grain food, shortens the process, enriches the color variety of the grain food, reduces the production cost of the product, reduces the floor space, and greatly reduces the area. Labor intensity, but also improve the organization and taste of the product, and improve product quality.

Material can be:

wheat, rice, corn, broom,flour, millet,maize, beans grits and powder etc.Customer also can add any seasoning as different country's habbit.


The meaning of puffed food:

Puffed food is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It uses cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and through the processing of puffing equipment, it produces a variety of foods with exquisite appearance, nutrient-rich, crisp and delicious.

Puffed foods are divided into three types due to their use and equipment.

One is to use a squeeze extruder to produce small foods from corn and potato.

The second is to use a squeeze extruder to produce tissue protein food (plant meat) using plant protein as raw material.

The third is to use cereals, beans or potatoes as raw materials, and then puffed to make a staple food. In addition to the trial production of the indirect heating extruder, a variety of puffed foods were also prepared using the refined powder puffing powder.

Advantages of puffed food:

1. Improved taste and taste: After the coarse grain is puffed, the structure of the rough and hard structure is destroyed, and the coarse grain is no longer seen. The taste of the coarse grain can not be eaten, the taste is soft, the taste is improved, and it is delicious.

2, convenient to eat: after the expansion of coarse grains, it has become a cooked food, can be directly washed with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or can be processed into a variety of food. Easy to eat and save time. As long as the food sector or factories, mines, enterprises, institutions, and schools supply puffed powder, they can be processed and prepared in the family or group canteens, becoming a convenient convenience food.

3. The preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high; the preservation rate of nutrients is high during the expansion process. The nutrient preservation rate and digestibility of the puffed foods are relatively high, which indicates that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of the food, and the digestibility is higher than that of the unexpanded.

4, easy to store: the grain is puffed, which is equivalent to a high temperature sterilization, the moisture content of the puffed powder is reduced to less than 10%, such low moisture limits the growth of insects and mildew, and enhances their stability in storage. It is suitable for longer-term storage and improves its eating quality.

new product

Working video of the snack food machine:

Low setting machine:

High setting machine:






Main material

rice, corn, broomcorn, maize, beans etc

Motor power


380&220V or 6-8HP


4-5.5kw, 380&220V, or 6-8HP (with 2pcs of V belts)

5.5-11kw, 380v, or 6-8HP (dia 90-100mm)


15kw, 380v, or F175 6-8HP (with 2pcs of V belts, dia 90-100mm)








Rotated speed











Packing size







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