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Multi Snack Maker

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 ★ Working principle :

1. when working in the extrusion cavity open at one end of the input material by machine, and from the screw conveyor to the whole machine cavity, the screw conveying pressure driving the material flow through the ring and inside of the machine chamber, the clearance between the mechanical energy generated by screw rotation movement due to the material and friction between extrusion machine parts and material internal friction and converted into heat energy.

2. In most cases, these materials are rich in starch and protein at the same time cooking into a viscous or colloidal the dough.In the process of the material into this state, a large number of physical and chemical changes have taken place in the material, is mainly the result of a material of starch and protein changes

3. Material in squeezed through the machine at the end of the cavity die hole, make the dough shape of the material being processed into certain shape.Owing to the great advance of screw machine cavity effect, and make a huge pressure on the material, when the material come out from the die hole instantaneously vaporized the off a lot of moisture in the material, thus greatly reducing the water content in the material.

4. In the production of low density products, relies on the molecules of the material, as well as in the process of extrusion operation used by various conditions, the material will happen a lot of inflation.

Multi Snack Maker

★ Raw material can be of the Rice corn maize and other grains mulit snack maker machine:

Multi Snack Maker

★ How to use the multi snack food making machine ?

Multi Snack Maker

★ Packing

We use Standard export wooden case to pack the snack food making machine, Fumigation free wooden case can protect the machine from damage In the course of transportation, it also easy for Customs clearance.

Multi Snack Maker

★ Why choose our snack food making machine?

Multi Snack Maker manufacturers

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