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Grain Puffing Machine

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 ★ Description

1.The cereal puffing machine of this series have been popular in market for almost 20 years. Quality reliable, and little investment. The snack food it produces are enjoyable for people at all ages.

2.The machine is a new type ,it is suitable for rice ,maize ,sorghum , yellow rice,flour and so on .you can choose the corn grits or the whole grains.

3.The cereal puffing machine make the raw material been cured by the high temperature and high press which produced by the machine during the working processing,so the product made by the machine can be eaten directly, needn’t to fry again .

4.Final rice or corn puffed produce can be flavored by way of adding food safe additive, such as Sodium cyclamate, salt, spice, or others.

Grain Puffing Machine

★ Technical information and price list:



Motor power




Rotated speed






★ Advantage

1.High efficiency and easy operation.

2.Low noise.

3.The 100% copper motor with Chinese international

Grain Puffing Machine

1.Our logistics team is efficient and convenient.

2.For forwarders,we have professional and long-term cooperated forwarders who can handle the shipment smoothly. Also we would like to have seamless cooperation with your forwarder at your convenience
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Grain Puffing Machine manufacturers

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