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Pet Food Making Machine

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 This Pet food making machine is suitable for making floating fish feed and other pet food with different shapes by changing different molds. The main material for making fish feed is maize powder and wheat flour. And we also can offer the whole line for making fish feed. It mainly consists the following parts:raw material-crusher-mixer-extruder-dryer or cooler(dryer has better effects, if you want to save cost, had better choose dryer)-flavoring parts(selectable)-packer.

Pet Food Making Machine

Pet food making machine is used for making aquatic floating fish feed Pellets or,pet food for dog, parrots or cat, pet fish food.

The made pellets can float on the water for more than 12 hours without spreading,which is easy for animal to eat.

★ FAQ:

1. What are pellets and what are their main characteristics?

Pellets are made from fine dry biomass which was run through a pellet machine and formed into small compressed pellets of different sizes. Pellets can be used as animal feed, animal bedding or as bio fuel.

2. What are pellets used for?

Feed pellets are used for animal feeding.While biomass pellets are used mainly for heating.