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Toothpick Wrapping Machine

Toothpick Wrapping Machine
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Product description:
1.The machine is used to pack tooth pickers by performing duo-colored printing on the packing paper tape and making one or two teeth pickers. Its functions include frequency conversion timing and automatic count.

2.Then produce the paper wrapper tooth pickers by printing, forming of packs, tooth pickers feeding, aperture-cutting and counting. The packed products are nice and orderly in appearance.

3.The toothpick packaging machine is a multi-function model that can pack various materials. With double-sided two-color printing, automatic glue, counting, drying, intelligent constant temperature control system and other functions, can be single-head or double-headed toothpicks. Each bag can hold one or two, and the three sides are embossed and sealed. Not only can paper materials be packaged, but this innovative model can also be used to package a variety of composite materials such as film materials and coated paper. Fast and smooth.

Picture of the machine:


Technical information and price list:



Rolled paper Width


Paper Weight




Plate Material

Resin Plate


0.55kw 220V




1.4 x0.8x1.6(m)


1. The bag making system adopts the stepping motor subdivision technology, and the bag making precision is high, and the error is less than 1 mm.

2, the controller uses liquid crystal Chinese characters display; intuitive and convenient, the operation is clear at a glance, convenient bag length adjustment, counting, no paper automatic alarm.

3, heat sealer four-way heating control, the two sides of the closed road can be individually temperature-controlled; good thermal balance, to ensure the quality of the seal, suitable for a variety of packaging materials; at the same time heating speed, shorten heating time.

4. Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system; side-opening protective baffle with good visibility, safe operation.

5. The feeding system adopts rotary 12-station 20mm stainless steel turntable, manual feeding, automatic mechanical opening and closing type feeding, humanized design, convenient feeding and no material feeding, convenient for a variety of heterogeneous dental floss toothpicks or similar plastic products and toys. Wait, beautiful and practical.

6. Z series adopts mechanical rotary cutter, which has fast packaging speed and can adjust the position of the cutter freely during machine operation. In actual operation, the actual speed can reach up to 95 packs per minute, and the individual operation speed is based on the guest reaction result. Up to 72 packs / minute. The speed of the device is adjustable from 55 to 100 packs per minute.

7. Special set stop function ensures that the heat sealer and cutter are in the open position when the machine is stopped in any state, to avoid scalding the packaging material and heat sealing mechanism.

We can also provide ink and paper roller:

toothpick wrapping machine