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Loose Leaf Tea Packaging

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging
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 ★ Note:

Please let us know the follow packing details when you offer,so that we can check if this model is suitable for your case.Thank you in advance.

1. Product details or picture

2. Bag/film width and length

3. Bag shape or Photo

4. Packing film material

5. Machine Model or products link.


★ Application:

This equipment is an automatic precision sealing equipment that can seal triangle bag like green tea, black tea, flower tea, coffee, health tea, herbal tea, grain. It widely used on food and medicine industry.

The inner bag and outer bag forming is finished at the same time, avoiding directly contact with the packing material and improving working efficiency.And tag attaching and outer bag making can adopt photoelectric positioning.

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging

★ Technical information:

Main Parameter List



Filling range


Bag sealing type

back sealing

Inner bag length(mm)


Inner bag width(mm)


Outer bag length(mm)


Outer bag width(mm)


The label size


Packing speed


Power and voltage

220V,50HZ,single phase(This can be customized)







Packing material

Nylon material imported from Japan, non-woven fabric, 100% biodegradable transparent materials, PET, PLA, etc.

★ Functions and Features:

1. Bag film is controlled by step motor, and bag length is stable and cutting position is accurate.

2. Adopt PID heat controller, and heat sealing can be controlled very accurately.

3. PLC control system, and also with display screen, easy to operate.

4. All parts connecting packing material is stainless steel 304, keep the packing material clean and sanitary.

5. With importing original cylinder,guarantee the working performance and stability.

6. The filling capacity , the inner bag and outer bag can be adjuster flexibly according to the customer requirement.

7. Additional device can be achieved flat cut, date printing, easy to open open packaging.

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