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Snack Food Packing Machine

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1.This Snack food packing machine is a kind of machine that packs the products, which is protective and more beautiful. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: production of inner packaging,outer packaging equipment.

2.Packaging machines are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware and other industries for the packaging (filling), sealing and coding.

3.The packaging machine mainly includes: powder, granule packaging machine, liquid (paste) filling machine, pillow type (horizontal type) packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic bag packaging machine, automatic packaging machine for frozen products.

 snack food packing machine

What matertial can pack?

 snack food packing machine

Which kind of sealing type it can use:

 snack food packing machine

Main features:
1.Weight measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and bags counting can be done automatically.
2.Computer PLC control and automatic alarming function.
3. English and Chinese human-machine operation interface, it is easy to operate, a high degree of automation.
4.High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, more accuracy.
5. Famous brand components, ensure the quality and durability of the machine.

Functions:Automatic quantitative filling,bag-making,code printing,sealing,cutting,counting.

Optional Devices:

The packaging machine has date coding, fills the package with nitrogen, makes the linking bag, makes the easy tearing and punches the package.

 snack food packing machine


1. The cup volume packaging machine can automatically complete the products of fasteners conveying, measuring, filling, bag making, date printing, heat sealing and cutting etc.
2. Stepper motor driving system is adopted in the packaging machine.
3. To ensure the same length of each bag, high sensitive electro-optical sensor system is provide to the realize automatic a lignment on the packing film.
4. The packaing machine is equuipped with a computer control system.
5. We have installed constant temperture heating system ensuring stable temperture and keep temperature is +/-1°c.
6. The electroic and pneumatic components of the machine are all supplied by reliable supplier copperating with us for several years, which can ensure the quality of machine and save the cost of purchese meantime.
7. The bag size and packaging number can be customized by customers.

 snack food packing machine

Filling Range
Packing Size
L: 40-200mm W: 50-150mm
Packing Speed
Machine Size
Machine Weight
Sealing Style
Three/Four sealing /Back sealing
Tooth Cut / Flat Cut

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