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Multi Packaging Machine

Multi Packaging Machine
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The packaging machine is used for quantitative packaging of pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch, seasonings, enzyme preparations, feeds and the like.


Semi-automatic powder packaging machine is a packaging machine that automatically supplies packaging materials (containers) and powdered powder materials to automate other packaging processes.

♦.50L All SUS 304 side opening Hopper ,easy to clean

♦.Packaging powdery in 50-5000g bottle or bag .

♦.Servo motor drive the auger ,got high accuracy .

♦.Have one stir on the hopper ,assure the powder fill in the auger .

♦. Chinese/English or custom your language in the touch screen.

♦.Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.

♦.Through changing accessories, the machine is suitable for various powder products.

♦.We use famous brand electric ,more steady .

♦.We match one vacuum cleaner ,collect dust and easy to clean the machine .




220V,60HZ,single phase

Filling weight



Pcking 窗体底端

Packing Accuracy


Packing speed

1500-2500bags/h(according to different material and customer requirement)





powder filling machine

Principle features

A. The powder packaging machine is a combination of machine, electricity, light and instrument, controlled by single-chip microcomputer, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions.

B, fast speed: using spiral cutting, light control technology

C, high precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

D, wide packaging range: the same quantitative packaging machine in the 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard to adjust and replace the different specifications of the feeding spiral continuously adjustable

E. Wide application range: powdery or granular materials with certain fluidity

F, suitable for various packaging containers such as bags, cans, bottles, etc.

G. The error caused by the change of material specific gravity and material level can be automatically tracked and corrected.

H, photoelectric switch control, only need manual bagging, the bag mouth is clean, easy to seal

I. The contact parts with materials are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevent cross-contamination.

J, configurable feeding device, more convenient for users.

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