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Small Powder Packing Machine

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Product Details


★ Application:

This machine is used to pack granule and powder material such as peanut, rice, bean, sugar, spice powder, milk powder, tea, etc.

Main Features

1) Meaured by auger filler with step motor drive. 

2) Automatic measuring and filling. 

3) Automatic bag making and sealing. 

4) Installed with printer for date printing

5) Positioning stop function when machine is lack of material, it will stop . 

Optional Device:

*Date Printer: for expried date, production date, production batch, ect(3 lines printed together)
*Linking Bag Device: linking bag quantity can be set
*Air Exhaust Device: avoid too much air left in the package
*Nitrogen Infalatable Device: keep food fresh
*Tear Notch Device: make the packaging open more easier.
*Gusset Device: it is the device to make a stand-up pouch
*Punching Device: good for display

Bag style

Back seal

Packing speed

15-40 bag/min

Bag length


Bag width

80-190mm(Need to replace the Former)

Filling range

 200-1000ml(Need to change the different measuring range)

Power Consumption

2. 4kw





Carton Size



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