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Rotary Packing Machine

Rotary Packing Machine
10 heads multiweigher multifunction packaging machinary Rotary Premade plastic bags packing machine for granule
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10 heads multiweigher multifunction packaging machinary Rotary Premade plastic bags packing machine for granule



Rotary given-bag packing machine can pack different material with different dosing(such as multiheadweigher ,auger filler ,liquid filler etc. )can be suitable for the automatic packing for granular, powder ,liquid, paste etc. different kinds of product with the premade 3-sealing,4-sealing,guesst pouch and so on.

Material like Fill coffee beans,pasta,chips,snack,pet food,peanuts,mixed nuts,granule etc into premade pouch. Optional for zipper pouch,date printer,etc.





Pouch Type:Flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, standup bag etc…

Pouch Material:Laminated film, PP, PE etc…

Pouch size:W100200mm L100300mm

Packing weight:5-1000g

Packing Speed:20-60 Bags/Min (depends on the packing material and filling weight)

Packing Accuracy:≤±1%

Power:3.5KW, AC380V,50Hz

Air Consumption:0.6m3/min

Overall Dimensions: (L*W*H)(mm):4200*2000×3700

Guarantee:2 years



Safety Device:

· No pouch or open error, on filling.

· No pouch or no filling, no sealing.

· No coding ribbon, Emergency stop and alarm.

· The safety door open, alarm(option)

· The air pressure not enough, alarm.

· The sealing temperature anomaly, alarm


A. By replacing the volume cup to meet different metering packages, the packaging of the product is reliable and practical.

B. The volumetric packaging machine has the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical.

C. By changing the heat sealing structure, the packaging bag can be formed into a shape of a three-side seal, a four-side seal, a pillow seal, and the like.

D. Simple structure, high measurement accuracy, flexible operation, and measuring size can be realized by adjusting the measuring cup height to change the volume of the measuring cup. The filling speed can adjust the belt shifting device inside the chassis.

Quantitative packaging machine:

Double weighing particle packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of snack food, hardware, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, seeds, pesticides, fertilizer rice, veterinary drugs, feed, premix, additives, washing powder, and other granular and powder materials.

1. High-precision digital sensor enables precise measurement of the moment;

2. Microcomputer control system with advanced technology, easy operation and more reliable use;

3. Automatically correct the error of the vibration feeding material to achieve high precision packaging;

4. Double or four-symbol work alternately, packaging speed is fast;

5. The contact with the material is made of high quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean, anti-corrosive and dustproof;

6. Strong compatibility, easy to use with other packaging equipment;

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