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Premade Bag Packing Machine

Premade Bag Packing Machine
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                                                   Premade bag packing machine



Stand up pouch, stand up pouch with spout, Doypack pouch, Gusset stand up pouch with zipper, 4-side sealing pouch, Zipper pouch, etc premade pouches.


All kinds of grains and solids, such as microwave popcorn, candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits, Wolfberry, Vegetable Salad, Seeds, Rock sugar, Pet food, Peanut, Jujube, Frozen food, Dry fruit, Cornmeal, Cookie, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese wolfberry, Red dates, and other solid material.








Pouch Type:Flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, standup bag etc…

Pouch Material:Laminated film, PP, PE etc…

Pouch size:W100200mm    L100300mm

Packing weight:5-1000g

Packing Speed:20-60 Bags/Min (depends on the packing material and filling weight)

Packing Accuracy:≤±1%

Power:3.5KW, AC380V,50Hz

Air Consumption:0.6m3/min

Overall Dimensions: (L*W*H)(mm):4200*2000×3700 

Guarantee:2 years




our premade packing machine is full automatic,Normally needs one person to feed and watch the machine will save a lot of labor.the speed of our packing machine ranges from 20-40 bags per will be much efficient than manual working. 


our machines adopt integration design, most of metal plates are polished and brushed,full of welding looks strong and beautiful.


our machines are painted with anti-rust oil and lubricating oil before delivery.with the good maintenance,the life time of packing machine at least 20 years.


the packing machine has multiple level protection:emergency stop button,safety door lock,alarms.all of the touching parts are made of SUS304,which meet food safety grade demand.


the whole set of our packing machine will cost 5 kilowatt hour.


Noting for using:

1. Before each boot, check whether there is any abnormality around the machine.

2. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to get close to or touch the moving parts of the body, hands and head!

3. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to put the hand and the tool into the knife holder!

4. When the machine is in normal working, it is strictly forbidden to frequently switch the operation button. It is strictly forbidden to change the parameter setting value frequently;

5. It is forbidden to operate at super high speed for a long time.

6. It is forbidden for two or more colleagues to operate various types of switch buttons and mechanisms of the machine; the power should be turned off during maintenance and maintenance; when multiple people are debugging and repairing the machine at the same time, they should pay attention to communicate with each other and prevent accidents caused by non-coordination.