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 Brief introduction of Walnut machine:

Three-level macadamia shelling production line process:

The raw material walnut is lifted, the shell is broken, and the upper sieve is used to screen out the large inner shell containing the kernel, manually selected or broken again.The lower layer is separated from the broken shell, and the shell and the kernel are combined to form a walnut.

Walnut machine

Walnut machine

Shelling mainly guarantees the integrity of walnuts after shell breaking. The screening machine rescreens the broken shells in the walnut kernels----selects the defective products in the nuts----the final kernel classification

Features of the Walnut machine:

1. Nut Cracker is mainly used for peeling the hard shell of walnuts to get the kernel. 
2. According to the size of walnuts, adjust the internal space to process different size walnuts. 
3. Through adjusting the motor to change the rotation speed and internal wind.
4. Feed materials from the upper part of Walnut Cracking Machine, after cracking the shells, then Walnut Nuts & Shells Separator machine separate meat from shells, which can save time and energy , improve working efficiency.Automatic Pecan Nut Cracking Black Walnut Cracker Machine
5. The walnuts kernel & shell separating machine can also process cashew nuts, almonds and other types of hard-shelled nuts.

6.Walnut cracking machine is consisted by four parts, that is frame, hopper ,roller, and discharging mouth. The walnuts are fed in to the machine from the top and being shelled 

inside the machine and discharged out afterwards.
7. Long life service, easy to maintain and little noise

Machine Features of macadamia Sheller machine:

1. Low damage rate and small power consumption.

2. High shelling rate, reaching to over 95%.

3. High integrity rate, which can realize 70%.

4. Very good quality, suitable to various sizes of walnuts.

Detsil Advantage of Walnut machine:

Our company's unique service process

 Design of Walnut machine:

1. According to the needs of customers, we provide on-site exploration for our customers and reasonable planning of our plants.

2. Designing process flow for customers, realizing time-saving, labor-saving, cost-saving and high-efficiency shipment.

 Installation training of Walnut machine:

 The technician is responsible for the installation, commissioning and training of technicians.

 After-sale warranty of Walnut machine:

 One year warranty, lifetime maintenance. Receive technical consultation 24 hours a day to provide technical diagnosis for customers; maintenance personnel quickly get in place after receiving notification of failure, troubleshooting


Technical parametrs:








2.2 KW







2.2 KW






6.5 kw)

1300 kg


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