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Walnut Cracking Machine

Walnut Cracking Machine
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Working principle of walnut cracking machine:

This walnut cracking machine is suitable for round walnuts, no need to position the walnuts, simple structure and cracking by extrusion. The extrusion method is to take a pair of cylindrical rollers with the same diameter and the opposite rotation direction and the rotation speed is equal, and adjust to a proper gap, so that the walnut pods are crushed by the rollers when they pass through the gap. Whether the pod can smoothly enter the gap between the two squeeze rolls depends on the squeeze roller and the contact with the pod. In order for the pod to be crushed between the two squeeze rolls, the pod must first be clamped and then rolled into the gap between the rolls. The gap size between the two squeeze rolls is an important factor affecting the grain breakage rate and the shelling rate.

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Advantages of walnut cracking machine:

1,Simple structure with cheap price.

2,Easy to operate.

3,Save worker fee.



Except walnut cracking machine

we also have almond sheller,that machine is mainly used for the different sizes of apricot, hazelnut, almonds, different nuts, beans and so on screening into medium and small three or more levels, easy to store sales. By one, two, three shaker composition, a screening at the same time classification, live sieve sieve mesh 6 --- 10 mm, according to different varieties of sieve, separate qualified size level. Design reasonable broken rate is low, is the most ideal nuclear processing equipment.

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Machine Name:Walnut cracking Machine



Product Usage:For the Broken Shell of almonds, Badam, Hazelnut



Quality guarantee term:One year



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