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walnut cracking machine walnut shelling machine automatic nut cracker machine: The equipment is driven by electric motor, plate extrusion type walnut shell breaker.By adjusting the gap between the active and passive shell plates with the automatic buffer device, different kinds and sizes of nuts can be cracked.It is safe, reliable and convenient to use, especially suitable for walnut growers and walnut processing enterprises.
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walnut cracker machine

walnut cracker machine

walnut cracker machine

Description of Walnut cracker machine:

1.  Nut Cracker   is mainly used for peeling the hard shell of walnuts to get the meat/kernel.
2. According to the size of walnuts, adjust the internal space to process different size walnuts.
3. Through adjusting the motor to change the rotation speed and internal wind.
4. Feed materials from the upper part of Walnut Cracking Machine, after cracking the shells, then Walnut Nuts & Shells Separator machine separate meat from shells, which can save time and energy , improve working efficiency.
5. The walnuts kernel & shell separating machine can also process cashew nuts, almonds and other types of hard-shelled nuts.
6. Long life service, easy to maintain and little noise.

Feature of Walnut cracker machine:

The design takes into account the factors of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, good quality, etc., to meet the advanced agricultural machinery has the characteristics of "high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, safety, sanitation, environmental protection" and so on. 

(1) to be processed walnut sorting requirements are not high, can be processed after the preliminary screening of the walnut;Adopt the principle of mechanical eccentric shaft flat plate extrusion shell;Adapted to different varieties of walnuts. 

(2) The production efficiency is nearly 20 times higher than the manpower, the rate of breaking the shell ≥99.9%, the rate of breaking and unbreaking is less than or equal to 0.1%; 

(3) The whole food processing process adopts the mechanized production mode, which reduces the possibility of workers directly touching the processed food raw materials, avoids the secondary pollution in the processing process, and improves the food hygiene index.

Method usage of Walnut cracker machine:

1, in order to prevent the crushing of walnuts, before breaking the shell through the humidification treatment, first soaked in cold water with chlorine for 8 to 72 hours, then put the walnut in a bag, VAT or basin to drain and seal for 16 to 24 hours, and then ready to break the shell (in the next 24 hours).

2, the principle of the breaking machine is at both ends of the walnut pressure, according to the different types of walnut, walnut placement can be appropriately adjusted.

Safety matters of Walnut cracker machine:

1. The installation of circuit and wire shall comply with the safety electricity regulations. The power supply must be equipped with leakage protection switch.The wires should not be wrapped around the rack. The switch should be installed near the machine to facilitate the switch. The machine should be grounded reliably.

2. After the machine is started, no one is allowed to touch the rotating part with his hands in case of accidents.

3, children and minors are not allowed to approach the machine, but not to operate the machine, not familiar with the machine is not allowed to operate the machine.

4. All maintenance, inspection, etc., shall be carried out under the premise of power shutdown. It is strictly prohibited to open or remove the protective cover during work.



Green Walnut Peeling Machine






Walnut Cracking machine







Shell kernel separator machine






Grading machine


Capacity: 400~500kg/h                   

Power: 3kw

Size: 2.6*1*1.8m                     

Weight: 800kg

Vacuum packing machine




seal size:600×8 mm
voltage:380v 50Hz 2.5KW               

packing capacity:2-4 bags/min 


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