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Date Cutting Machine

Date Cutting Machine
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Application of date cutting machine:

This date cutting machine is used to cut date into pieces,after date pitter machine,our company devoted to date processing plant,date jam processing machinery and so on.

date processing plant

date cutting machine

Description of date cutting machine:

(1) Using our company's jujube slicer, it is only necessary to pour the fruit into the hopper to complete the slicing effect, and the continuous uninterrupted work greatly solves the problem of low efficiency, labor and time consuming.

(2) The structure of the slicer is made of 304 stainless steel thick-walled square tube and channel steel to enhance the stability of the equipment. All parts of our parts are assembled by bolts to ensure the equipment is more convenient and convenient in operation and maintenance. .

(3) The machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

(4) The slicing machine is simple and convenient to operate, and has high precision, so that the slicing effect can reach 100%.

Photo of machines:

date cutting machine

date processing machine

Working principle:

Our company's jujube date processing machine is the result of many years of research and discussion by our engineering and technical personnel. The international first alternative manual operation, high mechanization level, the highest processing capacity per hour is 300,000 red dates, and the nuclear rate is 99%. At present, the nuclear-removing performance of jujube products on the market is a major problem in the jujube processing industry. The traditional manual de-nuclear labor costs are high. The current mechanical products on the market can only reach 60%--70%, and the output is low. Red dates are also difficult to keep products, the consumption cycle is short, and the processing output is low. To solve this problem reasonably, we organized an expert research team to tackle the problem. After several years of hard rest and many experts' discussions, after repeated failures. The automatic red jujube nuclear removal machine has finally been successfully developed! Its presentation will completely deal with the history of human apple nuclear machine to nuclear. Mission efficiency is a dozen or even dozens of times of labor! Bring better economic benefits to the processing enterprises of jujube! Botou Quanta processing equipment has a first-class technology in the machinery industry, experienced a rich team of R&D experts, and a well-established customer service system, providing all customers with technical consultation, product selection, equipment commissioning, technical training, and maintenance. Intensive service. Secondary consumer products include: various nuclear machines (except nuclear machines, nucleus machines), slicing equipment, loose sand machines, magnetic separation feeders, cupolas and other equipment. The products are exported to Tianjin, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Dongsan and other major cities. The company's products have established a good abstraction in the hearts of dealers and users. The excellent quality and good reputation of the company have brought good reputation to the company.

Working video of our date pitter machine,date cutting machine:















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