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Cashew Nut Processing Machine

Cashew Nut Processing Machine
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Introduction of cashew nut processing machine:

1.The cashew nut sheller is a special cashew machine that removes the cashew nut shell. Cashew nuts should be firstly shelled according to their width or 3-6 grades by grader. The feeding action device is automatically completed. Simple operation and high efficiency are good choices for processing cashew nuts.

2.cashew nut processing machine include grading machine,sheller machine,seperator machine,dryer machine,peeler machine,except cashew nut processing machine,we also have tiger nut processing machine,pine nut processing machine,raw cashew nut processing machine,ground nut processing machine.

The process of cashew nut processing machine as follows:

Raw material--classifier--cooking--sheller--seperator--dryer--peeler--final cashew


Technical information:











Main power





Opening rate





whole kernel rate









380/220V ,50HZ












Installation and commissioning of walnut/pecan/peanut/cashew shelling processing machine line:

1.The machine must be mounted on a flat surface to prevent tilting. The feed hopper gap and the housing tool clearance have been adjusted prior to development. Customers can adjust the gap slightly according to their own cashew size.

2. Leave the machine idle for a few minutes before operation to ensure that there are no abnormalities.


Working principle:

1.The machine adopts the working principle of drum, tooth, rotor and roller flow. The rotor pushes the spiral hobbing to force the fruit and the peel to be separated from each other in the roller. The fruit is separated from the peel by wind selection.

2.The main roller is increased in polytetrafluoroethylene hose, so that the skin of the fruit after shelling has no scratches and no cracks on the nuts.

3.The machine can be adjusted according to the size of the fruit. The adjustment rod is adjusted according to the size of different products in the north and the south, which solves the problem of mixed fruit size (too large and easy to break, too small and unhulled).

4.The suction-type air-selection function separates the fruit from the peel without impurities and the fruit is clean.

5.This machine uses exclusive double screen filtration to make it better to complete the shelling work.

The supporting power can be a one-way motor or a gasoline engine, suitable for the north and south regions.

Operation method:

1. Adjust the adjustment rods on both ends of the frame cover according to the size of the fruit (2 screws on each side), so that the distance between the main roller and the semi-circular screen is adjusted to the correct working position.

2. Start the power source. After the standby device is running normally, add the fruit and start to shell.

Safety Precautions:

1. Must read the instruction manual before use, be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the machine, and install, debug and maintain according to its requirements. Do not operate in violation of regulations.

2.the motor must have a reliable grounding protection line and overload protection device, when the external power supply, the wire cross-section should be more than 6 square, so as not to affect the motor power. The power switch should be placed in a convenient position for the operator to ensure that the operator can turn off the power when an abnormal situation occurs.

3. In the case of ensuring the safety of man and machine, the machine can be started up, and the machine can be idling for 2~3 minutes without any abnormality before the material can be put into operation.

4. It is strictly forbidden to mix hard materials such as metal and stone into the material with shelling.

5. when working, should properly adjust the amount of feed, too much will cause overload stop, too little impact on production efficiency.

6. During operation, if abnormal noise response is found, stop the inspection immediately. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the fault or open the hood when the machine is running.

7. It is strictly forbidden for minors and elderly people over 60 years old and those who do not have the rules of using the sheller to operate the machine; it is strictly prohibited to start the operation after drinking, sick or excessive fatigue; when the inlet is blocked, it is strictly forbidden to use hands or sticks. Help to feed, so as not to cause personal injury; when operating the sheller, the cuff should be fastened and gloves are not allowed; the sheller is strictly prohibited from overloading to avoid burning the motor.

8.When the user does not use the electric motor for power and uses other power (diesel or gasoline engine), the user must prepare the belt protection cover. If the belt protection cover is not installed, the user will be responsible for the accident and the manufacturer will not bear any responsibility.


1. Always check the fastening of each component to prevent it from loosening and damage the machine.

2. The connecting rod shaft is filled with 20# pure oil every 2 hours, and the bearing parts are cleaned and filled with calcium-based grease every six months.

3. When the operation is stopped, the machine should be idling for a period of time, the dust and materials in the machine should be blown off, and then the power should be cut off.

4. After the operation, thoroughly remove the foreign objects and wipe the machine. Fill all the rotating parts with oil and maintenance, then turn the machine several times and store it in a dry warehouse to prevent wind and rain, and the water in the machine is corroded.

Note: 1. When the power is diesel engine, please read the instruction manual of the gasoline engine.

2. If the voltage is less than 220V and the current is less than 13.85A, it is forbidden to start the motor power source.

3. Use copper wire with a cross-sectional area of 4mm2, the length is not more than 20 meters.

4. It is forbidden to use the plug.

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