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Almond Slicing Machine

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almond slicing machine

almond slicing machine

Machine application:
This machine is suitable for the nuts stuffing pre-processing for the fruit jams, bread , mooncake cake and so on.The machine mainly used to slice the peanuts, almond, walnut,fruit nuts.

Introduction of the machine:

This machine is used to cut peanut or almond into slicer shape, and the thickness can be adjusted . The machine is high capacity, fast cutting speed, easy operating, advanced technology, multifunction, and it is suitable for kinds of nuts.

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Brief Introduction of nuts slicer:

This nuts slicer is made of good 304 stainless steel.Suitable for peanuts,almonds,hazelnuts,cashew nuts,chestnuts and peach nuts slices.Our nuts slicer with compact structure and high output.And the slice thickness is adjustable between 0.05-1.2mm.Machine is low power consumption and no polution which is your best choice.

Feature of nuts slicer:

1.Good stainless steel.

2.For peanut,almond and hazel nut slices.

3.Slice thickness is adjustable.

Machine working principle:
1. This machine used to slice the peanuts, almond and so on nuts, which slicer thickness can be adjust.
2. The motor adopts frequency conversion principle, which can adjust the slicer speed.
3. The raw material is pressed to the slicer device by the pneumatic device. Put the nuts into the hopper, the pneumatic device will press the nuts into the blade disc, then the nuts will be slicer into thin slice.
4. The blades are made of high-quality high-speed steel with sharp edges and a long service life.
5. The fuselage cover is made of stainless steel plate and meets the requirements of food hygiene. The parts in contact with the materials are all food grade stainless steel.







Slice thickness


Rolling speed






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