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Almond Cracking Machine

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almond cracking machine

almond cracking machine

Introduction Of Almond Crack Machine:
1) This Facrory Price Almond Dehulling Apricot Kernels Cracking Shell Separating Machine Palm Nut Breaking Machine is mainly used for the different sizes of almond, hazelnut, almond, different nuts, beans and so on.
2) Screen is divided into three levels or medium level, more easy to store sales.
3) By one, two, tertiary of vibrating screen, a screening classification at the same time, the live screen surface mesh type 6 -- 10 mm, according to different varieties, replacing sieve to separate the size of the qualified level.
4) Design reasonable low broken rate, nuclear class is by far the most ideal processing equipment.


This almond sheller machine is mainly used to break the hard shell of nuts, such as almond, hazelnut, etc. The machine has simple structure, with simple operation, stable performance, reliable safety and good durability. High quality and low price. The reasonable design of low crushing rate makes it the most ideal nuclear processing equipment.

Working Principle:

Almond hazelnuts are manually fed into feeding hopper and first rolled into the drum. Due to the force between the rotation of the pattern and the concave plate of the shed, the shell is peeled off, and the peeled almond and shell are simultaneously passed. The concave plate holes are dropped, and the material is placed in the screening machine to separate the shells.

Almond and Cracking Machine Features:

1. The almond cracking rate can reach 98% with less than 1% broken rate( for a better cracking effect, you should grade the almonds first)

2. All these procedures are automatic and two people can control the whole almond shelling and separating line

3. Rotary and adjustable rollers make almond shelling machine suitable for almond with all hardness.

4. Main components all adopt stainless steel and has a long service life.

5. High shelling efficiency with low energy consumption.

6. Low land occupancy and investment.

Technical information of single shelling machine:








2.2 KW





2.2 KW





6.5 kw)

1300 kg


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