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When Chinese Factory Back Workshop

Mar 09, 2020

CCTV Beijing, March 5 News According to the News and Newspaper Digest of China Voice of China Central Radio and Television (CCTV), in recent days, all regions have coordinated the prevention and control of epidemics and resumed production, and gradually restored the order of production and life. 2020-03-05 Full News and Newspaper Summary >>>

Recently, Zhejiang Province has held a large-scale start-up of effective investment in major projects, with 537 major projects in five venues announced at the same time. Among the more than 10,000 resumption enterprises above designated size in Anhui Province, the resumption rate of equipment manufacturing, electronic information and other enterprises exceeds 70%. Wuhu Eft Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of domestic industrial robot manufacturing.

Zeng Hui, deputy general manager of the company: We have four or five years of related technology research and development and reserves. In the smart photovoltaic, lithium battery, 3C electronics, and aerospace industries, we still have some technological advantages in China, so there are still many orders.

Qingshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park of Jiangxi Provincial Key Industrial Park has launched the "Resumption of Production and Reproduction + Epidemic Prevention" service. At present, the rate of resumption of industrial enterprises has reached 95.3%.

Wang Yan, deputy director of Qingshan Lake District Business Environment Construction Bureau: I hope this resumption enterprise can also do a good job of prevention and control. When the enterprise encounters a problem, we will give us feedback on the government-enterprise through train platform, and we will definitely do our best to coordinate.

A clothing company in Zibo, Shandong intends to switch to production of protective clothing. Haier Kaos Industrial Internet Platform provides enterprises with solutions such as supply and production line planning. It took only three days to achieve the solution from proposal to production. So far, the industrial enterprises above designated size in Shandong Province have cumulatively accounted for 99.5% of the total. The Zibo, Zaozhuang, Dongying, Yantai, Weifang, and Rizhao 6 cities have achieved 100% recovery.

In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission said yesterday (4th) that as of now, the resumption rate of key projects in all provinces across the country has reached 79%. In the next step, the country will strengthen the guarantee of funds and land and promote investment in major projects.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said yesterday (4th) that as of March 2, the resumption rate of SMEs has reached about 45%, which has steadily increased overall. In the next step, we will strengthen classified guidance for SMEs, increase policy support, and take more effective measures to further promote the resumption of production and production of SMEs and stabilize production and operations.

The data released by the National Energy Administration yesterday (4th) shows that, as of March 3, the nation's coal mine recovery rate reached 83.4%, coal production has returned to the same period of the year, and all nuclear power units in operation have resumed production. Electricity, oil and gas supply Abundant capacity and stable energy supply guarantee.