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What Are The Structural Components Of The Straw Crusher

Nov 24, 2020

The straw crusher is equipped with a casing on the upper part of the trailer, a water tank is installed on the upper part of the casing, a guide roller is installed on the support of the guide mechanism, the feed hopper is connected with the guide roller, and the inner side of the guide roller is equipped with a guillotine cutter and a knife holder Assembly, the upper casing of the transmission assembly is equipped with a kneading assembly, which is connected to the guide roller via a chain, the guide roller is connected to the transmission belt sprocket, the transmission sprocket is connected to the tensioner through the conveyor belt, and the propeller is installed in the transmission On the drive shaft of the assembly, the tool post pulley is installed on the main shaft of the tool post assembly. The water tank is connected with the lower water bucket, which communicates with the upper part of the propeller. The discharge end of the propeller is equipped with a discharge nozzle. The utility model is connected with the motor, the structure of the utility model is novel and unique, integrates shredding, kneading and bagging, low cost, high production efficiency, is conducive to the development of the crushing industry, and its promotion and application prospects are broad.