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What Are The Prerequisites For Using The Dryer Safely

Jun 12, 2020

The dryer is a machine that can dry materials, and it is simple and reliable in operation, and because of the reliability of the dryer's operation, it has strong adaptability and a large processing capacity, which is also used with various In the industry, everyone must do the prerequisite work when using the dryer.

1. Check all moving parts, bearings, conveyor belts, and V-belts for damage before work, and repair or replace the improper parts in time.

2. Lubrication and maintenance, the lubricating oil is added every 100 hours of operation of the hot air fan, and every 400 hours of operation of the cold air fan. Every 1000 hours of motor operation, maintenance and replacement of butter. Lifting and conveyor bearings are filled with lubricant for every maintenance.

3. Maintenance of vulnerable parts: bearings, bearing seats, lifting buckets, lifting bucket screws are easy to loosen, and need frequent maintenance. Conveyor bearings and tape connection buckles should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be overhauled frequently. Pay attention to the safety of the top of the tower

4. Seasonal replacement and maintenance, the dryer should be maintained every working season, the dryer should clean up the debris in the inner air duct, the elevator should loosen the tension wire, the fan should clean up the adhesion of the fan blade, and the hot air furnace exchanger should Clean up the ash deposits in the sedimentation tank, and clean the row pipes one by one. Speed regulating motor speed meter returns to zero standby

5. If the dryer is operated outdoors, the corresponding rain and snow protection measures must be taken. The whole machine needs to be maintained and repaired on a large scale every year, and paint spray protection is required every two years.