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What Are The Methods Of Using A Grass Cutter Machine To Store Straw

Nov 22, 2020

1. Choose the straw

 Choose fresh, mildew-free, and non-deteriorated straws. Use a grass cutter to cut corn stalks into 2-3 cm long, and rice straws to 5-6 cm long. If possible, it will be better to crush, to facilitate compaction, and to ensure the quality of feed storage. six facilities

 Straw storage can be stored in cellars, pools or bags. Cellar storage should be underground or semi-underground, with hard soil, good drainage, low groundwater level, close to the livestock house, and convenient access. Brick and cement can be used to build a trapezoidal cellar with a small opening and a large bottom, with a general slope. 6 to 8 degrees is appropriate. It can also be made as required.

3. the correct proportion of liquid

 In the past, it was difficult to ensure stable and good quality with ammonia storage, alkaline storage, salt storage, etc., and saccharification, etc. Now there are special straw fermentation live dry bacteria or beneficial microbial straw starters. Add 200 ml of water for every 3 g of dried bacteria, and add 2 g of sugar, and leave it at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours to produce fermentation broth.

4. Do a good job of storage and sealing

Place 20-30 cm thick chopped straw on the bottom, spray starter evenly, and sprinkle a layer of corn flour or bran at a ratio of 0.5%, and then place a layer of 20-30 cm thick chopped straw after compaction , And then evenly spray the leavening agent, sprinkle the powder and compact until it reaches the strapping place under the bag mouth, and bind the bag mouth firmly. After the cellar is sealed, it should be checked frequently to prevent deep sinking. If cracks or loopholes appear, they should be sealed in time to prevent water and air leakage.

5. You can open the cellar when you need it

After micro storage and fermentation, the cellar can be opened for use. When opening the cellar, start from one end of the cellar, uncover the plastic film, and take it vertically from top to bottom. Cover with plastic film after use. Do not uncover the plastic film. Otherwise, a large amount of air will enter the cellar and the straw will rot and deteriorate.