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What Are The Hazards Of Dust To The Human Body?

Apr 12, 2020

The Automatic Mask Machine Factory tells you the dangers of dust on the human body. Dust is a disease that can cause lung fibrosis. The amount of dust inhaled causes different physical diseases. There are many dust diseases. Twelve of them are occupational diseases, such as cement. Lung, graphite pneumoconiosis, silicosis, coal worker's pneumoconiosis, potter's pneumoconiosis, etc.

Automatic mask machine manufacturers have learned that the dust component is rich in toxic substances, radioactive substances and free silica. When the amount of silica absorbed by the human body is large, the probability of the human body's lesions increases greatly, and a mask is required for protection.

Dust contains free silica, such as quartz, which can easily cause lung fibrosis after inhalation; asbestos dust can easily cause asbestos lung and stromal tumors; toxic dust contains metal powders such as lead dust, cadmium, and manganese; Toxic dust such as coal dust. Among them, dust may cause diseases such as dust sedation and respiratory tract tumors.

Mask machine manufacturers produce masks that can effectively prevent dust hazards. They are located in professional workers and personally friendly preventive measures, and make great contributions to the development of human health. The mask machine production and export mask industry is valued and supported by the country. It is possible Create greater profits in the future.