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What Are The Applications Of Corn Deep Processing Equipment In Various Industries?

Nov 16, 2020

The corn deep processing project is a good investment project. According to the characteristics of corn, the economic benefits of corn deep processing equipment are summarized. Due to the many characteristics of corn kernels and plants in terms of composition, corn has great advantages in both edible and industrial and feed industries. Good economic benefits.

1. Edible, although corn is a miscellaneous grain in our country, corn can be said to be the main food crop in the world, not only because of the large yield of corn or because of the richer nutrients of corn. The disadvantages of corn are large particles and poor taste. Low stickiness. The processing industry of corn deep processing equipment is constantly developing, the edible quality of corn has become very excellent after continuous improvement, and corn food has become very extensive.

2. For industrial processing, corn pellets are also an important industrial raw material. The primary processing and deep processing of corn deep processing equipment can produce two to three hundred products. A wide variety of products are manufactured in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, fermentation, food, and other industrial production. Cobs can produce furfural; cobs and straws can also cultivate edible fungi. Bracts can be used to weave carpets, carpets, baskets, etc. Handicrafts.

3. For feed use, the world's corn materials processed by corn deep processing equipment as feed for breeding account for a considerable proportion. 65% of corn is used in the breeding industry. In developed countries, it can reach 80%. Corn deep processing equipment These feeds produced are especially suitable for domestic pigs, ordinary beef cattle, dairy cows, and chickens, and are important crops for the development of animal husbandry.