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What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Liquid Quantitative Packaging Machine

May 28, 2020

1. The machine adopts advanced full computer touch screen operation, man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation. PLC control system of international well-known brands can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, slitting, counting, coding, and can also be equipped with punching according to customer requirements.

2. The intelligent photoelectric control device of the automatic liquid quantitative packaging machine ensures that the packaging bag making pattern is complete.

3. Independent research and development adopts servo bag-drawing technology to make the packaging more smooth and the length of bag-making accurate.

4. The parts and casing that are in contact with the material are all made of 304 stainless steel, which complies with the food and drug hygiene permit standards.

5. Full-automatic liquid packaging machine is suitable for back seal, three-side seal and four-side seal. Cutting adopts imported die technology, and can be customized with special-shaped seal cuts.

6. The measuring method adopts volumetric measuring cup. The measuring cup is made of stainless steel, with telescopic capacity adjustment, simple operation and accurate measurement.

7. The advanced design ensures that the machine is very convenient for adjustment, operation and maintenance in different industries. It can be used with various automatic metering equipment at home and abroad.

8. Can be packed with multi-layer composite film, polyester / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene polyester / aluminum / polyethylene, paper / polyethylene, with a wide range of packaging.