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Welcome Indonesia Friends To Visit Biomass Pellet Machine

Aug 07, 2019

Analysis of current status of biomass pellet machine:

In the past 10 years, the focus has been on “first generation” biofuels, bioethanol and biodiesel produced from grain feeds such as wheat, corn and soybeans. However, the liquid biofuel market has been slow to develop due to the consequent negative economic, social and environmental impacts that have to be taken with caution. Another key factor that raises concerns is that the shift in food production from food supply to the development of transportation biofuels may result in higher food prices and a reduction in the supply of food crops, especially in developing countries. Biomass waste transforms energy, and pellet machine equipment meets new opportunities.

Transforming biomass waste into energy can not only create a booming biomass fuel market, but also create a thriving organic fertilizer market, an industrial gas carbon dioxide market for domestic use or export.

How to convert biomass waste into energy?

    Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Vertical Ring Model Biomass Granulator According to the market demand for the production of biomass fuels, it is easy to use wood powder, wood chips, rice husks, bamboo chips, straw, pecan skin shells, etc. A kind of pellet fuel forming equipment using agricultural and forestry waste as raw material. This pellet machine solves the defects of many kinds of crude fiber and soft fiber which are difficult to be granulated and has poor effect. It has been widely used by customers, and its product performance is stable and output. high.


1, vertical feeding, even distribution, directly in place;

2. The mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, the material is centrifuged, and the main drive adopts high-precision gear transmission;

3, the second layer of the mold, up and down, dual use to reduce costs, high yield and increase efficiency;

4, ring mold, vertical structure, which is conducive to the cooling and cooling of the particle chamber;

5. Independent variable frequency feeding system, the motor runs forward and backward to ensure the stability of the feed;

6. The oil pump cools and dissipates heat, which greatly reduces the temperature of the internal gear oil of the transmission device and ensures the normal operation of the machine;

7. The overall structure of the equipment is compact, the noise is low, the fault is low, the floor space is small, the safety is high, and the stability is strong.