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Ways To Adjust The Transmission Structure Of The Biomass Pellet Machine

Jan 14, 2021


The body of the biomass pellet machine is an independent rectangular cylinder. The upper device is equipped with a closed bearing seat and is connected to the powder hopper. The powder hopper extends out of the machine body. The lower part is equipped with a V-shaped chassis. The ground is wide and flat. Installation, can be placed indoors arbitrarily.

2.pellet manufacturing equipment

The rotating drum lies horizontally under the powder hopper. There are bearing supports at the front and back. It rotates backward and forward through the transmission of the rack. The front bearing cover on the end face is movable. When assembling and disassembling, only need to unscrew a wing nut. The bearing cover and the rotating drum can be drawn out, and the two ends of the placed drum are made with convex square rings, which are embedded in the bearing chamber, so as to prevent the oil from penetrating into the powder and preventing the sticking.


The pellet machine adopts worm gear transmission, the speed ratio is 1:12, the oil can be stored in the box, the gear is lubricated well and there is no noise, and there is a sight glass on the box to observe the operation and oil storage. The outer end of the worm wheel is equipped with an eccentric shaft , Drive the rack to reciprocate.

4. Screen clamp pipe

The screen clamping device of the pellet machine is made of steel pipes on both sides of the rotating drum, and there is a long groove in the middle. The two ends of the screen are embedded in the groove, and the flower-shaped hand wheel is rotated to wrap the screen on the outer circle of the rotating drum. The hand wheel is supported by gears, and the tightness can be adjusted.

5. Motor frame: One bolt is fastened to the screw, and the motor is installed on the iron plate. When the screw bolt is turned, the motor moves up and down to adjust the belt.