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Vegetable Cutters Are Currently Not Completely Out Of Manual Operation

Jul 14, 2020

The automatic vegetable cutter still cannot be completely separated from manual operation

Even if it is currently the world's most advanced fully active production line, it can't exist completely without manual. There are no manual adjustments for power supply control switches and transmission rate adjustments. If these processes are handed over to the machine for active processing, There are usually unexpected things. This has already been proven, and there are many bloody examples, so humans also learn very cleverly. The key process is manually controlled by humans, just like the phone of a vegetable cutter. The same as the switch, it must be manually switched by the person, rather than handed over to the machine, which consumes electricity and resources, and has great potential safety hazards. The work efficiency is not necessarily high. Together, ethically, It is also a big nightmare for human beings to completely hand it over to the machine. Everything is controlled by the computer actively. What else do people have to do? Think about some science fiction movies. In the end, robots control humans. This result is terrible. Therefore, don't take it easy, take control of the vegetable cutter by hand!

Of course, in the actual operation process, there are indeed some processes that can liberate some labor. Zhengzhou Runxiang Mechanical Author believes that it should be used to appropriately liberate labor, rather than completely replace it. In the operation process of the vegetable cutter, there are the following This process can save a little effort. One is the power switch. We have now planned a perfect power active control system for our customers. Users only need to set the active switching time to worry-free, and there is Active transmission system, the vegetable cutting machine planned by Jinyu Machinery has the world's advanced conveyor belt transportation system, which is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This can also be set directly through the LED control screen.