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Toothpick Machinery And Equipment Manufacturers Talk About The Practice Of Toothpick Meat

Oct 28, 2020

With the continuous development of society, our requirements for the quality of our food in life are gradually becoming higher and higher. Many times we will choose to use more methods to create a variety of delicious food. Toothpick meat is a very simple and convenient way to eat. I have always felt that toothpick meat is a reduced version of barbecue. Today, toothpick machinery and equipment manufacturers talk about the practice of toothpick meat.

500g lean meat, 10g sesame seeds, 20g cumin, 20g chili powder, some toothpicks, a little chopped green onion

10g of sesame oil, 5 cans of salt, 10g of cooking wine, 10g of light soy sauce, 10g of corn starch, 5g of yeast fresh aftertaste powder, 5g of yeast fresh aftertaste powder, 5g of yeast fresh pork paste, 2g of red yeast rice

1. First, wash the lean meat, cut into small square pieces and put them into a bowl, then add cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, aftertaste powder, re-flavored powder, red yeast rice, pork fresh-enhancing paste, corn starch, sesame oil Marinate for 1 hour.

2. Slowly skew the marinated meat with a toothpick.

3. Heat the pan, add salad oil for frying, put the skewered meat into the pan and fry until the surface is slightly yellow, then pour out the excess oil in the pan, leaving only a little (about 10g) of oil .

4. Then put the cumin, sesame and chili powder into the pot and stir fry with the meat.

5. When the fragrance comes out, put a little green onion on the plate.

Follow the above steps to cook very delicious toothpick meat. The main ingredients of toothpick meat are actually meat and toothpicks. When we choose toothpicks, we must choose toothpicks produced by the toothpick machine. The quality is better and the price is better. It is relatively cheaper. The best choice for meat is tenderloin, which is then blanched in boiling water and finally fried, and the fragrant toothpick meat appears.