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The Workflow Of Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

Jun 23, 2020

1. Turn on the machine power. According to the power requirements of the vacuum packaging machine, mobilize the relevant power selection switch. When the switch points to vacuum, it is the vacuum sealing process, and when it points to the vacuum inflation, it is the vacuum inflation sealing process.

2. Place the packaged food in the vacuum chamber and vacuum package it. Close the lid of the vacuum chamber. After the indicator light on the operation panel turns on, the vacuum pump performs vacuuming according to the preset vacuum degree. After reaching the set value, the vacuuming process ends, the indicator light goes out, and then enters the heat seal (inflation )stage.

3. After the bag is inflated, heat seal the package. It is important to use special packaging materials. The heat sealing time is set in advance. When the working time is reached, the indicator light will go out, and the heat sealing work ends. The heat sealing process can not only seal the bag better, but also conduct heat conduction sterilization. The last step is cooling under vacuum, and cooling is performed according to the set cooling number.

4. After the above work is completed, the vacuum chamber of the packaging machine is connected to the atmosphere, the cover of the vacuum chamber is automatically lifted, and the vacuum packaging process is ended.The above is the detailed workflow of food vacuum packaging machine.