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The Use Skills Of Hydraulic Oil Press

Aug 14, 2020

1. The external power supply of the hydraulic oil press needs to be firm and reasonable in layout. It is necessary to master the pressing temperature and water content of the oil cake base according to different oil materials.

2. When starting the hydraulic oil press to boost or squeeze oil, you need to fully close the upper D plate. The upper D plate must be fully opened when the cake is delivered.

3. When pressing, lower the lower D plate of the hydraulic oil press to the low position, then loosen the movable tie rod nut, pull out the two movable pins, and turn the movable tie rod to one side. After the cake is loaded into the press chamber in turn, turn the movable rod back to the original position and fix it, first pre-press until it sees the oil, return to the piston, and load the remaining cake for formal pressing. 

4. When the hydraulic oil press is squeezing, the handle should be lightly pressed, the force must be even, and excessive force is not allowed, otherwise, accidents may occur.

5. If it is found that the pointer of the pressure gauge of the hydraulic oil press does not return to the zero position, it should be checked, repaired or replaced in time. If the hydraulic oil press is found to be abnormal during operation (such as severe vibration and loud noise), please stop and check to see if the fixing screws of the hydraulic system and motor drive parts are loose, and whether the pipeline is leaking.

6. Squeeze oils with high oil content (such as peanut kernels and rapeseeds). When squeezing d times, use a low-pressure pump first, and switch to a high-pressure pump after the oil is discharged.

7. After working every day, please clean up the residue inside and outside the barrel of the hydraulic oil press in time to prevent the oil residue from blocking the oil joints.

8. At the end of pressing, be careful not to raise the plunger too high (the bottom of the oil cake is flush with the upper surface of the barrel) to prevent the hydraulic oil from coming out.

9. Open the oil return valve of the hydraulic oil press, the oil will automatically flow back to the oil tank, the piston will automatically fall, and the press can be unloaded.