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The System Structure Analysis And Corresponding Maintenance Methods Of Face Mask Machine

Apr 11, 2020

Face mask machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, not only to postpone the speed of mask processing accuracy reduction, but also can reduce the chance of equipment maintenance

Transmission system

The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts, and other components. We must check whether the motor is connected to the external surface. Dust and other things affect the heat. The gears and sprockets are oil, whether it is a fixture. Chain tension is appropriate, if a foreign body, the connection between the transmission parts (such as loose screws. Is gear oil enough? Generally 1000 hours -1500 hours to replace oil.

Electrical System

Check that the circuit connectors of the equipment are loose. What are the main wires, branches and other signal lines? Aging? Loose electrical components? The electrical box is clean, dry, and the exhaust fan is working normally.

Ultrasound system

Check that the ultrasound system is clean, especially the ultrasound box, shake the child, it must be dry and clean, the welding head must not have water connection, and it must be a real prison. Always check the ultrasonic welding head for wear. Observe the change range of the ultrasonic and electric box voltmeter ammeter pointers.

Gas supply system

Check the air filter for a glass of water? Turn on the water to the air compressor water. Check the leaking air pipe? The leak of the cylinder? The position of the anti-magnetic cylinder sensor and work normally.

In addition, the device must not be exposed to corrosive liquids and objects, such as sweating can easily cause the parts of the device to rust. The device will not be used for example: holidays. The drive train must easily conceal parts of rust and rust oil.

Through the maintenance and repair of the mask machine, we can greatly reduce the maintenance time of the mask machine and greatly extend the service life of the mask machine.