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The Role Of Mesh Belt In Food Dryer

Jun 04, 2020

Different dryers can choose different dryers. For example, the grain-producing areas mainly composed of wheat and rice can choose mixed-flow and mixed-counter-flow dryers. For example, in the corn-based production area, a multi-stage downstream high-temperature fast dryer can be selected. For example, in rice-based production areas, you can choose forward and backward flow, mixed countercurrent and other low temperature, large slow-supply dryers. Different grains have different drying processes and different drying temperatures. Depending on the amount of grains in the drying period, different types of drying processes and dryers can also be selected.

The mesh belt of the food dryer is a batch, continuous production drying equipment. The main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating, and hot air heating. The main principle is to evenly lay the material on the mesh belt. The mesh belt uses 12-60 intent steel wire mesh belt. The price of the food dryer is dragged by the transmission device to move back and forth in the dryer, and the hot air flows between the materials. After that, the water vapor is discharged from the moisture discharge hole, and then the purpose of drying is reached. The length of the box body is composed of standard sections. In order to save space, the dryer can be made into a multi-layer type. Room 5th floor, length 6-40m, effective width 0.6-3.0m

Before the food dryer is turned on, the air source triplet should be checked to drain the water and ensure a sufficient oil level. Check and maintain the parts, such as lubricating the bearings, adjusting the pulleys, checking the electrical circuits, rocker arms of the doors, and piping joints, etc. Make sure that the fixing bolts of the base are not loose, the support springs are properly connected, and the control of the computer board, the wind wheel, and the heat exchanger have touch sensitivity. Make sure that the food dryer equipment is touched and grounded, and the temperature meter on the equipment should go through measurement verification.