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The Present Situation Of Peeling Machine

Oct 16, 2018

Grain processing is the raw materials to impurities, adjust moisture, shell, peel or grind, and finally processed into edible and meet different quality standards of food. In retrospect, China's processing equipment compared with foreign developed countries, processing accuracy is low, mechanization, low degree of automation, resulting in the quality standards of processing products are generally not high, and particle size is thicker, less processing varieties, and international standards belong to the medium lower. However, with the acceleration of the modernization process, human beings on the quality of life and food quality requirements continue to improve, the development of science and technology so that the design and manufacture of grain finishing equipment is imminent. Improving the mechanization and automation of processing equipment is an important link and reliable guarantee to improve product quality and labor productivity, reduce production cost and realize agricultural modernization. The use of advanced processing equipment has become an urgent task in the food processing industry. In line with this purpose, combined with China's national conditions and the development of the processing industry, the origin of apricot and other nuts is more dispersed, local production is not high, mostly rural small batches of workshop production.

According to the specific parameters given in the design topic, we analyze that the peeling machine to be designed should have the following characteristics: small machinery; simple structure; easy to manufacture, easy to operate, low cost; not high requirements for production conditions.

Taking into account the specific situation of our country, the use of friction peeling method, is our preferred road, the design of this light and convenient and convenient operation of small-type peeling machine, is to adapt to the contemporary market effective models.