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The Main Structure Of Biomass Pellet Machine

May 12, 2020

The biomass pellet machine is mainly composed of five parts: feeder, conditioning machine, pellet machine, conditioning tissue and smoothing system. The feeder is composed of frequency conversion motor, transmission device, reducer, spiral shaft and spiral shell. Its role is to provide a suitable supply of conditioner. The air conditioner is composed of a motor, a main shaft, a regulating rotor, a casing, a steam inlet, etc. Its main function is to introduce steam, adjust a certain amount of mixture to a certain temperature and humidity to improve the granulation characteristics of the material, and then send the material to the granulator for granulation.

Workflow of biomass pellet machine:

Biomass particle machining process mainly includes raw material crushing, drying, conveying, mixing, feeding, forming, cutting, cooling, metering and packaging processes, which can be divided into three sections as a whole, namely raw material pretreatment section, solid forming section and auxiliary Support section